Status+ is an Intuitive Service CRM Tool that takes all the guess work for your service customers and informs you and them every step of the way while using text and smart calling.
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No more fragmented solutions, Status+ does it all!
Custom Write-Up Tool
The first ever, true "No Touch" write-up. You send the authorization directly to the customer's mobile device and generate the Repair Order on the spot.
  • Easy to Use
  • Express Quick Codes
  • Open Recall VIN Specific
  • Displays Previously Declined MPI items
  • Status+ Digital Status Update Board Display
  • Advisor Photo/Video Walk Around Usage Reporting
  • Electronic Digital Signature Page
  • Dealer/VIN Specific Fluid Maintenance Schedule
  • Dealer/VIN Specific Menu Maintenance Presentation
Digital Reminder & Marketing Platform
Best in class digital reminder and marketing program! Offering a truly autonomous system without having to pull and update files.
  • Automated Next Appointment
  • Specific Declined MPI Item Campaigns
  • Complete Automated Time/Mileage Reminder Campaigns
  • Complete Reactivation Program
  • Recall Messaging
  • Targeted Retention Campaign
  • Lost Customer Campaigns
  • Status+ Digital Appointment System
Click to Call with Google Transcription
Just a click of a button is all it takes to connect, record, and transcribe all inbound and outbound calls.
  • Voice recognition flags potential negative calls
  • Direct Connect/Smart Routing Feature
  • Automatic Fallback System
  • Measures Advisor Daily Follow Ups
  • Interactive Coaching Tool
  • Download/Send any call with transcription
  • Assigned number keeps employee numbers private
  • Communication tools all in one spot
Service Retention & Experience Alert System
Staying ahead of the curve is key. Our "Inspect" what you "Expect" dashboard helps deliver and facilitate increased service retention results.
  • Immediate Opportunity Alert
  • Automated No-Show, Next Follow-Up Follow-Up System
  • Automated Reputation Management Campaign
  • Call Tracking Resolution System
  • Full CSI Dashboard
  • Automated Check-In of Previous Repair Visit
  • Harvesting/Filtering Only 5-Star Reviews
Full Service Texting Platform
Have the best of both worlds! Communicate immediately with customers and team members using instant messaging. Not to mention automated Status+ updates during the entire service process.
  • Automated Updates
  • 2-Way Texting Mobile Solution
  • Automated Advisor Alert
  • Digital Reminder Program
  • Digital Marketing Program
  • Communication Tools
  • Internal Text Messaging
Digital Multi-Point Inspection
Our easy to approve MPI system increases approval rates & times, paired with our "Direct Connect" feature is transforming the service industry.
  • Customer Friendly
  • Efficient Internal Workflow System
  • Labor Time Guide
  • Parts Integration
  • Dealer Grid System
  • Advisor/Tech Photo/Video Usage Reporting
  • Customer Direct connect calling feature with Advisor
  • Real Time Declined MPI Alert System
Service Scheduler & Automated Appointment System
The service experience has never been easier to make an appointment or request concierge service.
  • Virtual BDC
  • Automated Appointment Confirmations
  • Automated Follow-Up System
  • Automated MPI Remarketing
  • Integrates with Digital Reminder/Marketing Program
  • Digital Appointment Board/Waiting Room Display Board
  • Separated Mainline/Express Appointment Boards
  • Automated Special Order Parts Text Campaign
  • Automatic Loaner Car/Shuttle Ride Display
Mobile Pay Feature
It has never been easier to collect payments for your team and customers.
  • Advisor Simple Paylink
  • Viewable Invoice
  • Quick Link Texted
  • Secure Verification Process
  • Immediate Payment Processing
  • Scan Card Feature
  • Save Card on File Feature
  • Approval/Decline displays immediately on Advisor Dashboard
Advanced Intuitive Reporting
Have every report right at your fingertips. Our reporting will help give you real-time data so you can make strategic adjustments.
  • Email Capture Report
  • Advisor Gross Report
  • Reports by Segment
  • VSC Claims Reporting
  • ELR vs. Door Rate Report
  • ASR/Primary Items Report
  • Total Opportunity Report
  • Competitive Maintenance Report
  • Interactive Digital ROI Dashboard
  • Factory Warranty Rate Review Report
  • Customer Lifetime Value Report
  • Fluid Maintenance Penetration Report
  • MPI/Unsent/Deleted/Pending Reports
  • Dealer/Advisor Live Retention Reports
  • Exception/Off-Grid/Menu Discount Reports